I'm glad you felt energetic Jean - I felt pretty discombobulated for a while! It just goes to show it's going to affect us all in different ways - depending on your own cycle, in some it will activate soul, in others it will bring up density to work through.

Interesting you mention the crop circles. I've been following the early ones. I find it highly synchronistic that many of them appear to depict transformations in the sun, particularly as we go into the Grand Solar Minimum and the completion of a 12,000 year cycle which I'm currently writing about.

Here's one that appeared in Hampshire on 2nd June...
(Please note: I cannot vouch for authenticity without directly visiting - some of them are definitely manmade in recent times)

It all bodes well for the upcoming Facilitator School where we'll certainly be looking at the very latest in the shift and how our Solar Logos will be taking centre stage.


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