Another awesome post Open! It just feels right!

There are many spiritual teachers talking about 5D. A common theme I am hearing is that if we simply proclaim we are in 5D then by way of making this declaration we are there. It is tempting to want to arrive at an ascended destination now, and to believe we can bypass the personal work necessary to transcend 3D. This constantly reminds me of the tale of the Emperor's New Clothes. Weaver's promise the emperor amazing invisible clothes that only people of a certain status can see. The emperor fully believes he is wearing these clothes (5D reality) yet in actual fact he is walking around naked.

You invite us to look for the truth in a distortion. Yes, 5D is with me right here, right now - but I can't see through the veils simply by believing they are not there...or can I? There are times when I have extended experiences of 5D and they are nothing short of magical. But each time the veils reappear along with my attachments. As I devote myself to unraveling my attachments, so will I unravel the very fabric that constructs the veils. The weave of the veils is becoming thinner and thinner until one day it will no longer exist. And then..... TA DA!!!! (cue golden light confetti) ;-)

With love,