Hi Everyone - I felt to repost this article about Greatness and 9 Ways to Unleash it. Greatness is not something mystical, out there, and achieved by only a handful of 'Gods'.

Greatness is in each and every one of us. It emerges, quite simply, when you fully align with your soul and breathe it out into the world. From that moment, anything becomes possible, miracles will unfold. It'll be in the simplest of things, there'll be that audible 'click' in the field as everything falls into place around you.

But it's crucial to step out of the mediocrity of accepting 'anything goes' in your life. It's about being clear about who you truly are, at a soul level, and expressing that as often as you can. Push back the boundaries, on a day-by-day basis. Keep allowing for the new you to come through. Profound Transformation is the path of many small steps. So I ask you, how can you be different today? How can you be more of you? I challenge you, so that you may challenge yourself.