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Wow what amazing sincronicity.  Yesterday I completely lost it, not done that since about 2017. 

Don't get wrong I used to use a little anger with some situations to give me a push, but that eventually made me a bully as I knew that I could overpower almost anyone to get what I wanted. So I sought to disengage with that energy. 

Well, Yesterday I lost my rag, and thank god I did. I recognised this powerful energy and at first I was mortified that I had succumbed. How could I lose it like that again? What's the point of this reflection, am I a fraud?

So now it's 12 hours later and I can see that this is an opportunity to move and create. Instead of ruminating on how I am the victim and building on that initial angry burst of energy, someone will have to pay attitude. I can see it as opportunity to learn what's really gone on. Ha Beauty and the Beast just came to mind. 

Anyway I am grateful for the lesson and for your Shiva article.  Thank you.