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well, i lost it a little today too lol! an elderly gentleman nearly hit me with his car as i walked through a parking lot. all of a sudden a great "honk" and i turned around angrily, instantly defensive. he reacted by saying i had just walked out in front of his car which i had. i argued that it was a parking lot not a road and drivers should always be mindful of pedestrians to which he replied it wasn't true but he was already driving away, thankfully as i would have escalated, so i hollered "have a nice day" sarcastically. ego always has to have the last word, that little imperialist so and so lol. his wife who understandably was indignant on his behalf retorted a snarky "you TOO!" and that was that. inevitably the remorse set in immediatlely after; i will never touch coffee again, i've learned my lesson, but after the initial anger wore off, suprisingly quickly thankfully, wait, that's a lot of adverbs in one place lol, anyway, after i couldn't help but giggle at the wife, who i really felt was very sweet and her retort was probably the angriest she gets. despite my feeling bad, i get a kick out of how civil it was and how sweet she was behind her reaction. a diamond in the coals. apparently we're coming off some Aries energy and well, cultk0vid doesn't help. it's an ongoing process 😉