I have just re-watched this video following a recent shift in consciousness, which came through the simplest of things:

My landlord mowed down the spring flowers which I had planted just as they were budding. This put me into a process, at first feeling sad, injustice, loss for the joy that they brought me.

It was the start of a series of events over a couple of days in which I lost my keys and was not able to return home, ending up staying in a hotel overnight. The process became in itself a metaphoric 'key'.

The next day I was able to retrieve the keys and was processing as I journeyed home. I experienced a shift in consciousness, it was subtle but also huge - I knew my landlord as myself, as all that is and saw the situation as a co-creation, as absolute perfection which played out bringing such a beautiful gift.

I want to express this gratitude to you, to nothing and everything, to all that is for this video touched my soul and the father, the one within and through me - beautiful thank you xxx