Good day to all,

I think it's been more than a week that I am reading and searching and watching everything in Openhand website. I have many questions but I think I will find the answers here.

 Thank you Thank you million times for sharing 

With all the questions get into my mind somehow I came cross this video. I am not sure but I think its been more than an hour re-watching it.

when Open say " Who Created the creator?"


It reminds me of something when I was a kid there was some sort of feeling which I wanted to experience it again and again. My main question was who is the creator? closing my eyes trying to think of the creator but then I was in a loop of the same question over and over until I get into a point that there was a feeling of ... 

exactly what Open says: "There is no one here” "Nothingness and everythingness"

only for few second and I was not able to continue more than that. 

and yes because there was a religion that time for me that I am not allowed to think about these sort of things so I lost it and stop searching for the real answer.

but today I felt it and I think it is a right time to re call it. English is not my first language, I am happy for what I tried to learn few years back. 

Thank you Open for everything you are doing and sharing here.