On the New Year Retreat I experienced a powerful shift which is continuing to unravel the truth of my Divine Warrior, my Inner Dragon.

My Nan died this morning, I loved her dearly and in processing her death realised that within our family love or any feelings really, have never been truly expressed. She was an amazing woman, with great strength, humour, beauty and I honour all the beautiful gifts which she brought, yet I also recognise the ancestral karma which so badly needs healing; a generation of repression, lacking true expression and emotion, the British Stiff Upper Lip, unwittingly living a lie.

I can see it now for what it is and I cannot live this bottled up repressed reality a moment longer. So I choose to live my truth, no matter what, to live not what is expected, not even what feels entirely sane - I have allowed myself to energetically blow my top, my contained denial and it feels good. To feel my truth radiating out to every corner of the earth, it feels powerful and it feels right! And I feel Archangel Metatron coming in working with me on this :-)

In fact I feel this breakthrough so strongly, as though I contained within me all the stuffed down repressed and unexpressed truths through all the ages, and that with this experience it might blow the top off every mountain, volcano and pyramid ;-)

I love that in this exploration the balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine - my breakthrough came whilst in a candle lit scented bath, within a full moon period whilst processing death and it doesn't come more Divinely Feminine than that. Oh and I stepped out of the bath at exactly 11:11.

Awesome exploration, thank you for sharing, feeling a real brotherhood.

With lots of love xxx