Hi Dale,

You say 'I must come to terms with my sense of lack, or realise that I'm a whole being!' that feels incredibly astute and perhaps the key to finding the way through.

A part of the journey which I found myself on at our New Year Retreat was one of knowing myself, during one exercise Open asked us to express into the group from a place deeply connected with soul, what gifts we bring - I couldn't feel a single thing. I was in a process around that, was I dropping into the place of the one and therefore no identity, maybe but it didn't feel like the whole truth. I am empathic and in my younger life I would fall in with other people's wishes desires, ways of being etc. Never really knowing myself.

The next morning I woke up feeling awful, down on myself, feeling that i have no purpose, that i do not bring anything - I recognised my pattern of being in the head about it, maybe if i did this or if i changed that... I stopped myself mid-flow and expanded through the thoughts and simply brought energy to the situation, to the ray three and the solar plexus, i dropped into soul and straight away knew myself, yes as the one but also my strengths and natural qualities within that; i felt expanded and true. There was nothing hindering my power in that moment.

I realised that the next step is to then express me and my truth in every moment.

The night before when we were releasing our rockets, I released mine with the intention to 'Express my soul and my truth into every moment in 2015'.

So here I am expressing me! I felt to share as i was coming from a sense of lack and found such clarity through it and it seems you are having a similar exploration.

Ben and Catherine, it is so awesome that you resonate and Catherine that you are feeling such similar experiences - it feels so powerful and supportive.

Feeling Blessed, Thank you xxx