Funny tonight I received an invitation from an even older tribe of mine and i noticed my first reaction was "how am I going to be in that? How can I be me in that?" And I instantly didn't want to go. So I am contemplating now how much I am the one who is rejecting those in my life. I can see that discernment has played a role in what's unfolded naturally in my most recent group of friends, but perhaps that is tinged with rejection or judgement as well... I think this situation is showing me a couple, where I am perhaps rejecting first to avoid being rejected as a result of being authentic and two, where I am deriving a sense of being valued from being part of a group. I am also taking stock of all the people I have closed off from because I was sure they would reject some aspect of me. Lots to see here and realizing of course all the beautiful people in my life - how can I be more of me with them... Give more of me. Thanks for listening openhanders! It really helps to not ignore the feelings when I write about it here.

With love,