Hi Jen,

It's something I know lots go through - I think this 'connection to a tribe' causes people to form relationships that don't really serve us at the core of who we are. But then we just paper over the cracks, ignoring the true indicators. Yes, when you start being real - authentic in every moment - many people from the old life will fall away. Authentic beingness, in itself, creates reality (when we allow it to).

It's also quite synchronistic and fascinating that you then received an invitation from 'an even older tribe'. I'd say this is pointing you back to your real tribe, which is ancient. It will be your soul family.

When we incarnate, by the Law of Attraction, we draw to ourselves situations to help reveal distortions and karma. In the breaking down of these, then the true light of the soul emerges. So in the beginning of an incarnation, we will draw people that suit more the distortions - which is why we tend to create false life-styles. Although there will also likely be some members of soul family in there too.

I'd say there's an invitation now to connect inwards, through the field, to a sense of home which is 'through the ether'. That said, when you let go of those that no longer serve, the energy you free up, will draw others - physically - who are closer to your vibration.

So it all feels pretty positive to me - especially as we're moving into a New Year.... 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'.

Open *OK*