Hi Open, Lesley and Trinity,

Thank you for your heartfelt support and guidance. I can't imagine how the spiritual path would feel without this community... When all else falls away, I know there are kindred spirits across the globe that are in this as well...living, feeling, breaking free of the tired old comforts and digging deep to ignite and infuse the light of the soul... Going inside, being honest with themselves, feeling for the only thing that matters in life... To express the source as the soul in this place. It can feel so destructive, like I am walking away from everything that everyone wants in life and sometimes I wonder am I just nuts? Am I just destroying the life I've built for nothing? To be all alone in a world no one around me inhabits? Your words encourage me Lesley... The fortitude that is required and to take care of myself... To keep connecting to what connects me inside. Open, yes I feel your insight on the synchronicity is right on as well, to connect to the home inside and know I am not alone. Trinity - thank you for the sweet and encouraging words. I listened to your celestial meditation last night and it was truly an etheric massage...bathed in the light =)... Thank you all, it means so much. <3 Jen