Great to hear that my post was of value to you, Catherine. I also notice with myself I'm moving steadily to a place where I don't need love or acceptance from anybody. Relationships with heavy energetic dynamics are dissolving. This is quite strange to observe because it's putting me in a place between people where I sometimes feel like a ghost among them. But yesterdayI also got a compliment from someone about my fine energy/vibe and presence maybe because that person felt I wasn't attempting to take energy, allowing that person to let go of any defense mechanisms. So that's clarifying to me that not all is how it appears to be and that moving to a place where hardly anyone resides also holds a beauty on its own. I feel that eventually we become masters and people will seek you out because there's something about you that fascinates them. They might not know exactly what it is but on some level they are asking the question: why is this person not entangled in any energy dynamic?