Thank you for this incredibly inspiring video. So many glistening pearls throughout:

*You'll always have exactly what you need to self-realize.
*Everything is of the One Self: There is nothing else to know. There is nothing else going on except self-realization.
*Karma is not based on good and bad actions but on attaching to experiences where the soul fragments in eddy currents of stuck energy.
*The matrix is an inter-dimensional energy to exploit the earth.
*Gaia's karma was to play out the matrix-y, dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest world.
*Gaia doesn't need that energy anymore.
*Gaia is moving on to the fifth density of co-creative harmony where no life has to suffer at the expense of another.
*A great cleansing is taking place on planet earth. We are moving through a major shift.
*There will be no sophisticated life left on this planet past 2100.
*There is nothing to fear but fear itself. This is a great opportunity to self-realize as the One.
*Given the current level of humanity's consciousness, it would take a million years for the majority to ascend.
*Many are not ready to ascend. Those not ready will be helped by the angelic realms as a result of the great cleansing.
*We must not allow ourselves to be slowed down by the majority of humanity not ready to ascend.
*We have manifested the potential of self-mastery in a very short space of time.

I'm feeling pumped up kicks to keep spiralling upwards.

x Catherine