Thanks for the kind support guys. *OK*

I've always known I was to share this key message. But it's not been an easy one to integrate with the right language to keep the inner doorways open long enough. However, I sense we're at the cusp of a change. Increasingly people can feel the perilous situation the Earth is in; and that her healing, is likely to be more drastic than the spiritual mainstream previously imagined.

    As I sit here at Sydney Airport, it cannot be more stark: despite the sterling efforts of the awakened, the matrix continues as yet unbowed. The majority are steaming full speed toward the 'falls'. Synchronistically, I see service personal with luminous vests dotted all around. They metaphor those who are here to usher people to the 'life-boats' (funny, just as I write these exact words, one has sat down right next to me at my table!).

Take the blinkers off guys. It may take a little while, but the matrix will fracture and fall apart, and it won't be pretty. In the video, I said that I didn't see "sophisticated life on the planet past 2100". But that doesn't necessarily mean we've got until 2100. Life will become increasingly unliveable between now and then (check out the water situation in Sao Paulo right now for example - people are on the edge, in this moment).

I don't share any of this to spread fear. Quite the opposite. We must confront the truth to truly progress. What do you see? When you peel away the veils of what you'd like to have happen, or what you're afraid will happen, what do you truly feel? Keep looking, keep digging, keep opening into tightness, for this is the path to true liberation from identification with the physicality.

George Carlin was one of those who got it before he passed on...