I felt to republish this video again today, taken from a seminar in Glastonbury in 2014 about the Ascension of Gaia and some of my personal experiences into what's unfolding - including a direct communion with Gaia.

Towards the end of the video, I said that based on what I'd then been witnessing, I couldn't see sophisticated life, still alive in the 3D, past 2100. This is something I felt strongly at that point. But since then, things have accelerated, with manmade climate/environment crisis, the pole shift, solar changes and the galactic energy. It feels very much to me as if the window of viable 3D living on Earth has closed quite dramatically to around 3 decades now. I felt it important to spell this out, so people would get a sense of the importance of their commitment to the path and the degree of focus and urgency necessary. Definitely not fear though. Or at least if fear does come up, to process it through - to see that as an opportunity. But it's absolutely essential now, that if you consider yourself a spiritual being and yearn to be a part of the Shift, to now be very clear about where your focus needs to be on a day to day basis.

A big cosmic hug coming out to you all.

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