Hey Guys,

I get the strong sense you're coming into 'doingness cold turkey'. What's that all about?

Humanity is just so conditioned to doing and achieving things - even if it be simple things. Most people's lives are based on an endless string of goals throughout the day - things they must do and achieve: shopping, washing, cleaning, working, cooking etc etc etc. Even spiritual practice like meditation and yoga become something we must do and achieve.

    The soul isn't like that - rather there are arising flows of sensation, impulse and feeling about a 'sensation of being' - right in this moment. There is no end goal to it, no achievement, no particular creation. The paradox is, that when we're in this free flowing state, we're likely to be the most creative we could ever be.

It's a real challenge holding and embodying this state on a daily basis when we have some kind of job to do, something we're committed to most of the time. It's so often a total contradiction to the absolute spontaneity of the soul.

That's why when people do get free time, then often still need to schedule or achieve something. Most are addicted to some kind of activity.

You have to work really hard at just being. With no objective. Not even meditating and definitely no 'entertainment'. Try just sitting with yourself increasingly, just watching, feeling, experiencing. Set plenty of time aside where there is absolutely nothing to achieve or do - simply let the pull take you and observe (it's something I get people practicing on the Openhand level 2 course Path between Worlds).

    I suggest concentrating more and more on how you feel to be, and seeking a way of expressing that. It could be how you walk, speak, move, express - always it's about aligning with an authentic feeling.

But you do have to work very hard at this non-working state before you break through these constraints of the soul. And to do that, often the soul will take you through a constant rising and falling, a constant ebbing and flowing where you're apparently moving towards a goal only for it not to complete.

It's a great way to give up the struggle and break into being.

Open *OK*