I was chatting over tea recently with my cousin. I recounted how a friend of my daughter's was evicted from her basement apartment on the pretext that the landlady's relative was moving in when in fact the landlady simply doubled the rent and found a new tenant who could pay the outrageous amount for a small, dank, dark, basement apartment. I was surprised when my cousin said she doesn't believe that shelter should be a basic right for all. She argued for the right of owners to charge what they want. But at the same time she wants government to fund affordable housing for the homeless. Because of the growing numbers of people who live in their cars, our municipal government just changed the law to allow them to park overnight on city property provided they move by 7:00 a.m. That said, most folks are preoccupied with their own lives and don't seem to be paying attention to the growing crisis.

My cousin is well-off financially. Given that, I was surprised when she said she would like to be part of the one percent who own most of the world's wealth. I asked her how it could possibly be right that so few have so much and so many have so little. She asserted quote forcefully that citizens have the right to amass as much money as they want and suggested more or less that Greece's economy collapsed a few years ago because of lower income citizens too lazy to work. I used to ponder the meaning of this quote from the Bible, but I fully grasp the meaning now. "And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God."

In the end, of course, no amount of money will assuage my cousin's fear of scarcity or the one percent's fear of lack. Greed and exploitation are part of the patriarchal distortion which reflects the distortion of the divine masculine within both men and women and bumps down cosmically with the Intervention of Opposing Consciousness. OC exploits humans. Humans in turn exploit other sentient life. Long ago in our history, we lost trust in the flow of divine benevolence and fell into the dark abyss of distorted control and social inequity that worsens day by day.

My heart is heavy these days. But it's still full of love. I may be sad, pissed, and weary, but I'm also loving, compassionate, and determined. And I am mindful not to project my inner distortions outwardly as paternal. I'm mindful of taking back my power and expressing my limitless IS-NESS as the One Absolute Presence beyond all identity, including paternal/maternal and masculine/feminine.

How I long for a world that respects and serves all sentient life with unconditional love and compassion. The injustice I witness out there continually reminds me of my responsibility to stay focused on accepting and releasing my own twisted divine masculine energies within and find the Light beyond. And as I evolve to a higher way of being, I will continue to speak out and work for social justice. I'm a warrior, after all. Collectively, we have manifested a brutal, unkind world including the exploitation of Opposing Consciousness, which points us to our own inner distortions. The massive suffering we witness in the world begs for spiritual realignment. We're living in a House of Cards. And it's toppling day by day.

I am heartened and encouraged by the kind and loving spirit of St. Francis of Assisi who said:

"All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle."

May we all keep shining.

x Cathy