The energy of the Patriarch can be a tremendously comforting presence on the path. It is that trusted sense of support, the strong and protective compassion, the rock in the storm. But clearly it has also been misappropriated in religion and spirituality over the years to control people - followers are encouraged to willingly hand over their power, their discernment and allegiance to some all powerful "God". And there are plenty still affected by the trauma of that karma right now. Fortunately we are seeing through the veil. The true patriach is to be found within. It may well be reflected in an external source, but always those reflections are an encouragement to embody the witnessed quality within ourselves. On the Openhand gatherings for example, I'll often point out that you cannot admire or resonate with a quality that you don't already possess - the resonance is an inherent aspect of yourself.

I would say reclaiming the patriarch energy is a fundamental key to breaking into the fully enlightened state. It's an energy that makes you feel whole and complete on the inside. YOU become the rock in the storm. And at that point, this quality of soul expression can drop you right into the wlecome void of The One - of pure presence.

So reclaiming the patriarch energy inside oneself is a key encouragement from Openhand. It's something that seemed relevant and poignant to express today. Feel free to share your own views.

In loving support

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