I have known deep in me about the slaughtering of animals and about eating meat and how it is in so many ways not good for us, now integrating also about other life suffering I am not proud to say that I have altered my diet only slightly...however my commitment to a achieving to walk the righteous path is growing and strengthening within me and all this in Much thanks to Openhand, I now eat meat and feel wrong and bad, I have altered my diet more now and I will download Trinity's conscious Kitchen book and slowly change completely.

I also want to mention how I personally appreciate Open's and Openhand's compassion on how truly difficult it is to completely alter one's diet, it is an entire life style change and very taxing on the mind, I have talked to many people and it is not that they do not want to change from what I keep hearing but that all the effort and trouble it is to change, especially people with kids and the re-educating of the eating habits of the entire family.

My choice is made and I am getting Trinity's book and making this change once and for all.