Hi Steve,

That's wonderful. Yes, go for it. You'll be amazed at the elevation in your evolution by cleansing from the dense meat and dairy vibration. Pay attention also to processed sugar, wheat, caffeine and non-organic food.

And also I would recommend doing it progressively. Be determined, yes, but better progressive. And you'll need to do some serious work cleansing the intestine from dense compacted 'mucoid plaque' which is likely to be festering there: most people in their forties, who've eaten meat and dairy all their lives, mostly have several pounds of festering, undigested detritus in their gut, which prevents the uptake of vital nutrients, causing addiction to unhealthy food products and over eating. You won't hear about it in the mainstream - it's one of those inconvenient truths that is hushed up...

if the human body was designed by 'nature' over millions of years to eat meat and dairy, then how come the body can't properly digest it?

When people begin to switch to a vegan diet, if they do so without fully detoxing and inner cleansing, some will go into some kind of withdrawal. They will sometimes actually feel quite unhealthy for a period of time. It prevents some from persisting. And often it's used as an excuse: "why vegan isn't right or healthy for me".

You have to rebuild the gut and intestine to its natural state. Once cleansed, then the microbiotics must be renewed to their natural plant based state, in order that essential nutrients can be absorbed better.

I did this several years ago during an intensive fast and detox. I strongly advise reading it in full to get the sense of what it involves and some vital information. You can read my journey in full here...

Fasting and detox for Evolution - cleansing the gut of compacted waste and uninvited 'guests'

With support and blessings