Did some soul motion last night and paying deeper attention to a a sense of being in the body all the time... Staying open and without expectation on events. Just watching and seeing how I am shown what this is for. It helps to write about it as it gives it attention. Dreamt last night of a huge rabbit that let me pick it up and it hugged me and I felt a deep sense of connection. There was also a dream in which a woman was trying to get in my car and I was pushing her out. I am seeing some fear around fully embracing the expression of the feminine... Working with it and approaching with courage the circumstances where I hold back and inching forward inch by awkward inch. Last night I felt drawn to sit with a candle and just be with the flame...as focus would spread out taking in the entire space the flame and it's counterpart in reflection were dancing but not ever quite meeting. I trust this will all keep unfolding <3