When I sat with the first question, how do I feel about the current state of our planet and how it has impacted wildlife, an immense sadness arose in me. I feel sadness resulting from the loss of sentient life and as a sensitive soul I have always felt a deep connection to nature. But more so my sadness is associated with the fact that so many people are still living unconsciously within the lower density,that which fuels excess consumption and is void of consideration for all sentient life. It saddens me that people have not awakened to their true divine nature and how it feels to live in collaboration rather than competition. I see this all around me every day. I see it in family members, acquaintances, and within mainstream spirituality. I was once mentored by a spiritual teacher who instilled in her students the belief that we deserve more than enough. This belief is still heavily rooted in mainstream spiritual circles, that the universe is endless and abundant and can provide for us as long as we are open to receiving. Humanity has lost touch with the beauty and perfection of enough. I have met people who speak of being on a spiritual path for most of their life along with living a life of nonconformity. What I often see is someone who has chased mystical experiences and taken many courses, but has given little attention to their relationship with the planet. I grieve the unconscious state of so many humans. I grieve the destruction of a planet that was truly a place of Eden for humanity to live in harmony with all life, and to awaken and return home.

I personally feel we have surpassed the tipping point and moved beyond saving this planet. In order to become sustainable this would mean progressing beyond maintaining a thriving environment. I do not feel we are capable of doing this given the current unconscious state of much of humanity.

I feel immense gratitude for being in a human incarnation at this time. As you say, "there is only self-realization". I know I am here solely to have a spiritual experience masquerading as everyday life. I commit to waking every day and being in the highest relationship possible with myself and everything and everyone around me. I take responsibility knowing that my choices are important, but the energy or motivation that drives my choices is key. I do not live in denial nor do I resign myself to not participating in life. I feel a deep sense of commitment to supporting other evolving souls to awaken from their unconscious dream state.