Hello Alex. Your response to my post was a valuable mirror for me. Thank you!

The energy of competition is not necessarily easily worked out of the mind as it's heavily rooted in the Matrix and rife throughout society. It's one of the most disempowering energies to humans. It is an act of comparison which misrepresents our own abilities. When we compete and compare we do not trust how far we can reach. It is an energy that is rooted in fear - fear of lack, not being worthy, not having enough. Competition is rooted in control. Within control we experience the illusion of feeling safe in knowing where we are going and where we fit in. There is truly no reason to safeguard as our life will occur and unfold naturally.

I resonate with your words "I am where I am on my spiritual path". I pay attention to when I speak these words, is there a vibration present that feels like justification or is there acceptance?

Again, thank you for your post as it allowed me to unravel some very subtle energies of competition and comparison from my field these past few days.