Hi Fiona and Maureen,
Thank you for sharing your words of support and for witnessing what was for me, a real act of bravery! It's so awesome that you experienced a similar shift Maureen. Soul motion in nature is the best! I told a friend about my experience and she became very excited. She shared with me her resistance to bring more motion into her yoga practice, despite what her body is intuitively guiding her to do. As a yoga teacher she has been reluctant to step outside the box. My sharing yesterday gave her permission to do this. She's now playing with the idea of creating a new class which incorporates a form of soul motion.

My expression of soul felt amazing yesterday, and the real jewel for me was in reflection, when I looked at other areas of my life where I am repressing soul expression. This insight felt like a curtain had been lifted to allow me to see aspects of my beingness where I have been subtly holding back.

What a gift!