My journey began with Jenn almost two years ago. During this time she has maintained a gift to create and hold space seamlessly. The space has been open to a depth of my own willingness to surrender to the lessons.
She has held the space throughout my journey with strength and wisdom.
A session with Jenn is an invitation to experience growth as deep as the ocean. Full of light, dark, depth, mystery and so many places to simply dive or swim into. It is as if her soul has been whispering softly to the soul to feel more, deeper and deeper finding the expression and allowing it to be and sit with it and then start all over in each moment. Each session stands alone to create an opportunity to unwind into the feelings and allowing the body to express as areas appear with contrast. Her ability to utilize her gifts to allow me to be held with an unconditional love and respect has been amazing. As a bonus, this process has been surrounded with the guidance and support of Jenn's continual work with Openhand community.