Hi Richard,

I share your discomfort in what you describe about the process.

First off, any 'normal' person can remove an entity in the process of meditation. Although you do indeed have to be quite sensitive to know they are there. Some people will simply feel it as density or blockages in their field, felt as tightness (explained here). When people get to the stage of being able to process this tightness, then they will over time release entities and implants if they are there.

Having an awareness of them, does indeed accelerate the process - you know what you are working with.

The intervention works as a group consciousness, and it can shift from person to person. So I would say that if a group of people have very close connections - a family - then yes, it is possible for an entity to move between them from person to person - I have observed this in families.

So releasing it from you, doesn't mean entities will be released from your whole family. But, it is possible to become trained to release them in others. It's one of the key things we do on the Openhand facilitator program.

In this article, I've talked about measures you can take with children for example, to ease the general background energy, making the family less susceptible... Kids affected by Intervention

There are big shifts going on in the field right now, which I will write about soon. They're making it easier and easier to process out this energy.

The whole situation is feeling very positive to me.

Open *OK*