Hi Zac,

With regards psychedelics, I think we've tended to take a strong view to counter-balance the somewhat 'trendy' approach of trying to somehow short-cut the path (which I know you are not). The evidence seems pretty strong for a lot of people, that psychedelics can be very destablising - that is when you delve past the practitioners surface level consciousness. It often means working for a long time, diligently to correct the imbalances and disharmony.

    But then maybe some people's path is this divergence? Only you can decide.
    I'm simply reporting the challenges people often face afterwards.

As for entities, it's great that you can take such a non-judgmental view. Yes love is necessary to help them return to source. But I wonder if there might be a slight confusing of absolute with relative truth going on within?

In absolute, of course everything is perfect, even the distortions the entities represent and manifest as. But I have also witnessed at first hand, the terrible tragedy of souls being purposefully led astray and locked into a spinning nightmare. When you witness genetic downgrading at first hand, that's not at all a pleasant sight!

    I imagine, knowing you as I do, that some of the patients you work with, are suffering directly as a result of this intervention. I've seen the insides of pyschiatric wards - not a pleasant sight!

Yes at a macrocosmic level, everything is fine, it's all just consciousness unraveling and playing itself out. But for the big picture to matter at all, it has to matter at the microcosmic level too - in everyone's lives. Your life has meaning, your soul has purpose. What is that purpose?

    I put it to you that it is to self-realise, and to become a brilliant, streaming expression of the One. In order to achieve that, is to forge the soul beyond such intervention.

This will take a good degree of surrender and acceptance yes, but also warrior will. And the discernment to say "this is me, this is my core, this is who I am". It is such a will that then ejects distortion - and entities - from within. And paradoxically, I have found, it is such a will which gives the raptor sense of purpose, motivation and commitment to evolve also. For them, acceptance seems to cause them to fester in the same, tired old mess. But, yes a more loving approach works better for the greys.

I'm pleased you had the courage to offer the counter view.

It's clear also, that your evolution is continuing wonderfully.

Open *OK*