You wrote 'This will take a good degree of surrender and acceptance yes, but also warrior will. And the discernment to say "this is me, this is my core, this is who I am". It is such a will that then ejects distortion - and entities - from within. And paradoxically, I have found, it is such a will which gives the raptor sense of purpose, motivation and commitment to evolve also'

Thank you Open this is like a missing link for me sparking contemplation of the place I have experienced where, atj the point of expulsion, will somehow flips into feeling impotent, like intent, and then sensation of the density and will evaporate back to the cold light of day.
Will giving the sense of purpose resonates - like 'do this and stay warrior because it serves them too'
Like iron will and steel in the soul! I think I've found a bit of Divine Masculine here!
A revelation.....

But with a suspect bit of feeling of 'nice solution because everyone's a winner rather than direct confrontation.... which goes further down the rabbit hole.