I think that's where this impulse to comment comes from.
I didnt want this forum to be a deterent to psychadelics as such.
It should be no surprise why everyones experience is detrimental on so many levels.
Its an unfortunate outcome but that's societys m.o.

Im only suggesting thats not all there is.
I can voice that.
The psychadelics tied history, placement now and future role for humans should not be overlooked.
Risky I agree but at times neccessary.

I may swing a lil too much to the absolute. But I prefer not to. I do not condone such interventions but they certainly make it interesting.
The deeper the feeling the more convoluted the detail the better the story.
I feel such things but have no feeling towards them.
So there is no good and bad but if there was wouldnt one want it to be as bad and good as possible?