Over the years, I have repeatedly read "people can't dream in color", or "people forget most of their dreams".

Neither scenario applies to me.

I seem to be completely backward because every dream I have ever had was in color. Only one dream was in black and white. However, anything that was green in real life(leaves, grass, money, etc.) was vividly green in that dream. It was a "night of the living dead" spoof. Trust me, I was laughing in that dream.

I also seem to remember almost all of my dreams...

...and almost all of them are pre-, post- or current apocalyptic dreams.

Through all the years. Through all the dreams. The world has never "died"--or been destroyed--the same way twice. The dreams are sporadic. On two rare occasions, I even went a few years without having one of them. Eventually, they always come back.

I actually had one today, for the first time in a few years, as I was taking a nap earlier.

In all the dreams, I'm always one of the last survivors(and in a few cases, the ONLY survivor).

I could never figure out why I keep having these kinds of dreams.