From the time I was a little child, I had the ability to see entities that other people could not see. I used to be tormented by them as the ones that really made their presence known were usually negative entities.

Over time, I learned how to control my extra senses--to a degree. I learned how to read people's thoughts/intentions based on what I could feel from them. I even learned to identify the presence of people close to me before they were in eyesight/hearing range. For some reason, my family always ended up in a house where a previous occupant had died; or we ended up near a cemetery. Once, my family ended up on a housing complex built on top of Native American burial land--NOT fun! Let's just say I hated the first Poltergeist movie because aspects of it hit too close to home for me.

Years and experiences go by until I finally end up going to college. At first things were great. I was finally free!

Then one morning, I felt a presence watching me as I was walking to class. I couldn't see it, but I could sense precisely where it was and look in it's direction. I couldn't sense anything from it(at first), but something about it made me uncomfortable.

Over time, it kept watching me--and I tried to ignore it. As I sat in my room, I could feel it get closer and closer over time. As it started "nesting" closer to my room, I could feel a hostility and violence from it like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. I was also able to physically see it in better clarity as it worked its way closer...even in broad daylight!

I sought help from my mother--who then reached out to her mother and sisters for advice. I tried keeping and reading a bible in my room. I also tried a few Native American techniques from my grandmother. For a few nights, I thought it was gone...

...I was wrong.

After about two months, it had finally worked it's way up to hovering just outside my bedroom window at night. Those nights I slept very little. The thing radiated a sense of savagery, violence and pure chaos! Finally one night, I woke up in an absolute panic...

...the thing was IN my room!

So startled awake was I that instantly jumped out of bed and ran to the door(before I even had time to process what was happening). This happened every night for a few weeks. At this point, I would just jump out of bed in a fighting stance, prepared for whatever this thing was going to try and do.

Inexplicably, it one day went away. Over the course of less than a week, it worked it's way out of my room and disappeared.

I never encountered it again...

...but I never forgot it!