I apologize for making a fourth section. I originally was going to include this in Part III, but this experience is so unique that I had to give it its own section.

Around twelve years ago, I started having a strange occurrence in my dreams. While dreaming, I would occasionally run into something that would always seek me out. Something that the other dream people would run away from, or be destroyed by. The strange part was, it was always THE SAME BEING!

No matter where I was in my dream. No matter what my dream was about. No matter what era in time it took place, that same entity would find me. After a while, I got to the point where I could feel it before it would even show up. My dream people would even ask me what's wrong, because I would start looking around for it.

Even stranger was that in the moments I met up with this being, I would be more rational and coherent than at any other point in my dreams. I would even be fully aware of the fact that I'm in a dream. The problem is, to get away, I would have to wake myself up before this thing managed to lock me in a room(which it very often managed to do). Once the room was locked, there was no chance of me waking myself up...

...we would fight...

...I would lose...every...single...time!

Our fights would include different weapons, different abilities, different powers, but I would always lose. However, before it was ever able to "finish" the fight, I would start calling for help and praying to ANYTHING to save me--and I would wake up.

This entity pursued me for years, the last incident being a year ago. Two nights ago, in my dream, I was talking to someone and suddenly, all the dream people turned at stared at me. In unison! They didn't say anything. They didn't move. They didn't blink.

I knew then...it's a precursor. My visitor is making a return trip.

This concludes the main story that I wanted to share with everyone to see what you all think. I discovered this site while researching OOBEs. After reading a few posts, I felt compelled, for the first time in my life, to share my experiences.

Any knowledge, advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for your time.