Wonderful Margaret, you beautiful Being! I miss your lovely company.

I too had experience with the trees just last night. I took my dog for evening walk around the neighborhood and I could sense the energy field of the trees. I started to follow it to see how big it is and where does it lead and I noticed that they were all connected to one another, almost like forming a web of tree energy. Then I noticed I was as wide as the web and then the I was gone. There was only awareness enjoying the connection to the trees.

The first days at home were quite a rollercoaster for me but then I started to come back around and things started moving. On Saturday night I felt the pull to make an add to internet to put my apartment out for rental. I've done that earlier many times but hadn't any success. So I did and less than 24 hours later I had rented it to the sweetest young couple who are moving in next month. Also my belongings started to sell after six months silence. I'm keeping only few things and selling pretty much everything. So things are moving and I know nothing about where the future will take me but everything feels balanced and flowing so I just enjoy the ride of this wave ;) One of my new favorite hobbies is to sit in silence and observe the energy moving through me and observing all the different sensations it causes in this body vehicle. Or just slowly moving my hand, how it feels and how widely it effects in the energy field around. Walking through the neighborhood feels like taking a trip around the world :D so much is going on and I have been blindly living here for the past 7 years. I'm happy to get to know the nature of the neighborhood before I go though. It feels I'm being taken to all the places in this town to face the past once again and say goodbye. If I'm driving the road might be blocked so I need to take another route that takes me through the part of the town where I used to spend time with some person from the past so I go into those memories and see how they feel now. Things like that.

I've been seeing hedgehogs on my walks for the first time. Usually they are very shy especially with dogs but now I saw one brave one coming towards the road form a meadow. When I connected with her she pulled her head in and protected herself with the thorns. The next day I saw one again and she had the cutest face and she stopped but she didn't feel the need to protect herself. Today I saw one again, peace to her soul, on the road in the body that wasn't alive anymore. I think she offered me quite beautiful reflection there.

With love,