I just love this Emilia...

    "The first days at home were quite a rollercoaster for me but then I started to come back around and things started moving. On Saturday night I felt the pull to make an add to internet to put my apartment out for rental. I've done that earlier many times but hadn't any success. So I did and less than 24 hours later I had rented it to the sweetest young couple who are moving in next month. Also my belongings started to sell after six months silence."

This is so precious for anyone walking the spiritual path when they feel they would like to change something. Why?

There comes a point where your consciousness shifts and you realise that everything 'out there' is only ever changed by a change 'in here'. It's a curious and magical point. Before this, people make logical decisions about when, where and how to move. But it's seldom within the flow. And so they only build inner tension and negative energy which unwinds somewhere in the future. En mass, that would equate to the whole of humanity stuck in an eddy current - called society - that will ultimately unwind because it's resisting the flow. The movements people make are purely circumstantial and without any alignment.

However, when you step onto the path, you realise that to truly shift anything - the real patterns of life - you must shift within. When you shift within, the outer world changes without you feeling like you did anything. This is what we call at Openhand Walking the Path of Light.

That's exactly what you're doing now Emilia.


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