I have been having issues with my stomach recently, some kind of turmoil (maybe acid reflux with a bunch of air wanting to release). At first I thought maybe my experimenting with intermittent diet and coffee (occasionally) caused misbalance but i have been doing it this before and didn't have the symptoms.  

Now, I am feeling it may be something else possibly related to the latest Openhand meditative work (breakthrough/chakra/implants/bow) i have been doing on the regular basis and integration of these in everyday life.  I seem to get more challenged/distracted with various thought patterns amplified.  Also, some other shit seems to be coming up to work through (nothing intensive though).

Also, the density (some kind of very dense material highlighted at the lower back and head) in my field has amplified many fold during the meditation practice.  Very distracting, consciousness eater it seems.  I am working with it but haven't moved it yet, only managed to amplify at this point.

Thought would share my experience if it resonates with anyone. Reflections are welcome as well.

With Love,