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Hey Anatoly!

Happy to see you here =).

This may be quite off but here are some things that flagged for me...

- reflux, shit coming up, consciousness eater

On a physical level, I wonder how your stomach acid is? Often reflux is actually an indicator of low stomach acid and digestive enzymes - low digestive "fire" which challenges the body to really digest and assimilate what it is receiving.  

Don't know if that resonates? If so, some key things that may also reflect to you energetically (possibly):

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and 20-30 minutes before a meal

Slow down, chew your food consciously and completely

Pay attention to not taking in too much at once

Do not drink fluid while you eat

Begin your meal with a small amount of bitter greens with a bit of ACV (if tolerable)

Include fermented foods and enzyme rich fruits and veg in your diet - like avocado, papaya and pineapple

If it were me and this were "coming up", I might ask myself "what am I having trouble digesting in my life?" Do you notice how you feel in the body when the thought patterns are amplified? Where is your consciousness in those moments? There are many questions you could explore in relation to any of the above.

Much love,