Hi Anatoly,

I can relate, and have experienced stomach and heartburn issues in the past. Mine were related to core distortions around consuming past the point of satiation - for pleasure, as well as for emotional comfort.  Sometimes it was subtle and sometimes I would literally inhale my food. 

The physical symptoms were throat and chest tightness and intermittent heartburn, physical pain when pressing on my lower stomach, along with the background feeling of being unable to draw a full breath. It gradually progressed from mild intermittent discomfort to the point where I was not able to eat a wide variety of food because they would cause a histamine reaction.

I know it was partly related to the nature of my initial forays into intermittent fasting - where I would go without eating for most of the day and then sometimes explore the opposite polarity raptor style.

I would also drink black coffee on on an empty stomach many mornings and sometimes afternoons because I LOVED the way it made me feel. 

When things got really challenging I finally got the message, began to eat more consciously, and gave up caffeine for about two months. I did a lot of internet research and self diagnosed my condition as having low stomach acid based on my symptoms. I would sip on a capful of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before most meals and believe that really helped my digestion.

I can do coffee and black tea now no problem, but normally opt for green tea these days. Just noticing the black/green snake realignment parallel there actually!

The challenges I was experiencing in my life at that time were around personal sovereignty/solar plexus in my career, and suppressing my authentic self expression/throat tension.

It’s still very much a work in progress, but maybe some of the extremes I experienced will help give some added context to your own issues.

With you!