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Jen, this stood out like a thunderbolt...

If it were me and this were "coming up", I might ask myself...
"what am I having trouble digesting in my life?"

I would commend the advice given on a physical standpoint, yes. Over the years, diet has been a huge area of inquiry in my own incarnation here and it's been a full-on challenge to get the balance right - constant exploration, constant tweaking here and there. There were many challenges along the way, bloating, over eating, acid reflux, imbalances etc etc. It struck me how convoluted the human digestive system really is, how no one diet seems to be right for everyone - although we can each reflect particular approaches and experiences.

I feel like after about 16 continual years of inquiry, I've now reached a balanced harmony in my own system. I know what works and what doesn't. And throughout all this, one fact became abundantly clear:

Dietary exploration is never just about the physical. It's a powerful journey of spiritual realignment; an invitation to find the right way of living and being in all aspects of life. And it'll precipitate the emergence of karma in a major way too. To gain balance then, is to keep progressing forwards in one's diet and life. They seem to be inextricably interrelated.

Great to see the inquiry here. Awareness is always the key!

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