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I find it so interesting how I am responding to my response - so much of what I said applies to my experience =). 

It struck me how equally important it is to release the things that are not for me....what wants to come up and be released out of my field?  This is just as important as what wants to be fully embodied. The concept of digestion is so it involves the transmutation of food/energy. There is the energy that is assimilated...and the release of what is not needed.  Lately I have found myself overeating and feeling sooo full ...for me it's reflecting the need to release some things that I have been taking on materially, emotionally and energetically.  And of course to look at why I am doing that? At the moment it seems to come down to a restlessness and not being with the restlessness to see what's there. 

Thanks for bringing this in Anatoly. <3