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Hi Jen,

Thank you so much for ... being you. I was surprised when a very strong wave of emotion ran through me when I noticed you had posted - I just saw the name “Paul” in the title and couldn’t even read the rest of your words it was so strong.   I realized I have always felt connected yet somehow far away from you and never understood why - I hope you don’t mind me sharing that. :)

Interestingly, I am right smack in the middle of delving deeply into my relationship with Divine Mother energy, and synchronistically, also my relationship with my earthly mom. 

I have been exploring specifically the sense of restriction, of limitation, of structured imprisonment that I’ve held inside all of my life while unconsciously projecting much of the blame onto my mom. 

I am in the midst of the deep realization that her structure, her relentless parenting strategy, her seeming distance ... it was all designed PERFECTLY for me. And I saw the unfathomable time, consideration, commitment, uncertainty, agony, and LOVE that went into her expression of motherhood... and I am eternally grateful to the point where tears of gratitude are flowing again now just knowing and feeling it.

What I thought was a prison for so long - wasn’t a prison at all. It was a trellis for me to climb and grow in the right direction - towards the sun. She was and is the perfect mom just being who she is

Just like you.