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Wow Paul! How beautiful! Thank you for sharing with me and no I don't mind at all - I am grateful for it!

What you said here "I realized I have always felt connected yet somehow far away from you and never understood why" I can greatly resonate with struck me quite seems perhaps my way of being or expressing has represented something to you ...something which you are connected to yet feel (or felt) distanced from? 

This phrase stirs something deep in feels like my own words...often in close relationships I have perceived a "dead space" where I feel I can not traverse any further...and I feel a connection but also distanced at the same time. Now I feel it in relation to being somewhat abandoned or distanced from what? I don't know what? Myself?

I love how you shared about the realizations that have come around your mom and the perfection of our experiences...the honesty and vulnerability touched me and made me smile. I can really relate to how you described her challenges. Thank you for sharing! I was contemplating on why my son keeps going through these long periods of intense physical pain...every time I go through this surrendering process and it deeply changes me, and then I realized he is also realizing so much through to be in physical pain and not need it to go away, and not be completely identified with it. Sometimes all he needs is the sense that he is not alone in his pain and that brings so much comfort and ability to be in it and find some freedom within it.  Same for me I suppose =)

What a kind and touching message - thank you so much! <3 Jen