Thank you for sharing Jen!  I really felt like I was walking through your dream as I read and had to laugh when you used the word "random".  I keep seeing SO MANY (especially Full Moon Solstice with a meteor shower booster:) and I find myself elated and delighted when they occur and always say "weird" or "random" when I have zero belief of that being what is happening.  I wonder if the wonder will ever go away ;)  

I appreciate your dream on a very deep level and find that my post last week elicited supportive advice and encouragement that led me to have a similar experience regarding my masculine divine energy, which I had not even realize I had been attempting to stifle for my entire life.  The part about vomiting really got to me, because I physically spent over a year vomiting and ended up in the hospital one day (literally according to the ER doctor) away from death.  They "fixed" my physical problem, but I continued the vomiting in my dream world (in some form or another) for a long time following.  My deep exploration and breakthrough techniques helped me come to such a place of calm peace and unity balance that I have been feeling tempted (randomly ;) to create something to offset the balance because I have, as it turns out, been doing that for my entire life! 

I had NO IDEA just how deep this conditioning stuff could go and I appreciate your sharing as I feel we are all helping each other grow so much more quickly in the exploration!  The synchronicities that we see so often are speaking even louder now.  A woman that is in my conscious dance class is studying healing techniques and asked if I would be one of her subjects.  I went Friday morning (solstice) and had the BEST healing where she said she saw dragon and fire and a snow owl and that it felt as though my whole body was ignited and at odds with itself, but then calmed down completely during her healing and my fitbit watch even registered the calm! 

I had seen a picture, the day prior, of a person's phone lock screen and it said 4:44, 4 % battery and was a post on FB and the background was a fire breathing dragon.  When I was on the way to her house I was thinking of how I felt a bit of Shiva destroying so many attachments and constructs...I then looked at my directions and saw that the road I was about to turn on said "Phoenix", which is in the picture that I have attempted to post with this entry. 

After I got home from the healing I attended a global stargate activation meditation and yesterday was literally the BEST day of my life.  I have NEVER EVER felt so free.  I know that there is so much more to explore on this journey and I REALLY appreciate how learning from and how you navigate your experience enhances my life experiences significantly.  Sending you so much love!!!!!  

Big Loving Phoenix About To Rise Ether Hug,