Dear Jen and Heidi,

The return of Ray 1 masculine has also been a big theme for me this past year. Just like you Jen ,I used to shut down in presence of strong wilful men who express Ray 1 quite emphatically. Also, I was never entirely comfortable with my sexuality  and so it was a double whammy as far as connecting with such men was concerned. This was ,in my workplace typified by a man I felt very uncomfortable with because he was very expressive of his masculine sexuality . In the last year ,as so much has moved for me ,I have started occupying my sacral chakra more. That's how it feels . After all the bawling on the yoga mat ,I feel like I more deeply occupy my own body especially my pelvis. Yesterday I had a very intense conversation with him interestingly about consent and the Me Too movement . There were a couple for times he ' crossed the line ' and  expressed fairly physically how he found me deeply attractive  . This time, rather than retreating into fear and lashing out ,I was able to get him to see how this was not a good idea all without shutting down my sexuality. It felt like a conversation between friends and I felt as if  some circle.has been closed , regained. 

As far as your dream was concerned ,technology stood out for black eyes and I got.Orion. The examination of vomiting was also.something that spiked. Something that you cannot swallow about the masculine needs examining . 

Hope the reflections help ! Heidi ,so great that you were able to attend so many esoteric things. I confess I am a little envious 

Lots of love to you ladies