I observed something interesting while being out there in the drama related to talking about Openhand with other people and events.  I was filling out this personal assessment form and one of the question was to list affiliations or belonging to any of groups/communities and originally felt resistance listing Openhand there.  I remember myself coming with all kind of excuses (it is not a religions nor organization and so on ...).

After some time, I have realized that it may have to do with the message that Openhand brings and how people would react to it.  For me, possibly it was a sense of being rejected, abandoned, not accepted.  I know I have to stand my truth.  I did go back and added Openhand there even no one is going to pay attention to it.  The Ray 4 diplomacy can be used to get a sense across and still stay in my truth.  

I may have to work through things as they come up and I am not going to abandon myself and the team anymore.  The time is now.

With Love,