Hi Jen,

That's the curious thing about the paradox of relativity and life itself - everything I see is an aspect of me. AND...

We are here self-determining as souls, deciding who we are, and actualising that.

The more accurate we become about how we are being, the more the distortion separates out - the less wrapped up in it you are. Yet I find there's always some distant reflection.

Take "Opposing Consciousness". There's definitely a defined energy challenging the natural consciousness of the planet and of humanity. I can feel its actions very separate and different to mine. Yet I know I could still be more aware, more aligned, more tuned in. And so it still reflects that aspect which is not.

For me it's about living with the paradox. I work continually to be all that I can be. I look in the mirror of what I am, and what I am not. Then I work to make a clear statement about who I am in relation to the landscape.

I trust that makes sense!

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