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Thank you Anastasia and I look forward to seeing you soon!!

Yes, leaving behind the comforts is a big one for me at the moment...mostly in the form of emotional attachments that give a sense of security. It's become clear how important it is for me to internally retrieve the energy and stop seeing myself in this horizontal pairing which has already completely changed, save for my holding open to wide of a doorway. Not sure if this is making any sense. lol!

Yes, yes, yes, that dream has stuck with me and I have been feeling into that sense of not being able to connect to the ground...interstingly in a meditation last week, I was processing these feelings of rage around what feels like a beast that wants to devour the surface of the planet. I was watching the surface of the planet be swallowed into a giant sharp toothed mouth and into what looked like a black hole with nothing on the other side. However when I dropped fully to the Earth and let myself be pulled into the hole, it turned out I was inside my own body ...a younger version of myself was carrying a torch down my throat (which was a cave with old letters and a horse carved on it...which interestingly I lost my voice all this week - and it's appropriate as I have felt like no-one is listening) . My younger self passed by my heart which was glowing like a fire, and down to my pelvis where I sat inside the bowl shape of my pelvic bones and drew a purple flower with a puffy yellow and orange center in which my younger self sat. So, lots is being stirred between the 1st and 2nd floors now and I continuously dream of going up and down the staircase...

It's funny how surprising it is to me that people pick up on the tucked away 'not okness" inside...I notice how that brings up feelings of anger too! At being so transparent? Maybe the defenders don't like that... It feels more like, if it's so obvious, then why didn't anyone notice (I am guessing this is more from the child's point of view).

Anyways, I am gonna stop for now - I am sure we will chat in person plenty soon! Thank you for taking the time to relate and to share!

Much love,