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I'm with you Jen - it's NOT OKAY!
And also you're right, PEOPLE ARE NOT LISTENING!
They won't listen, right up to the point they slip over the edge - to me that's very clear. So I've stopped efforting to shift their direction and instead simply to work with who shows up. But I have to say, that has been a real journey of letting go over the years!

You speak of molding and bending - I know you know there's distortion in it, but I can also see the truth reflected in your words.

I see it like this...

Imagine for a moment you rest completely in the Void of Infinite Potential. To give it tangibility, imagine it as being the heart. The heart expands outwards and you're there in the illusion shaping things. Sometimes it is your role to bind creation together. Sometimes though, this will not happen, for various reasons, such as other people not being on the same page. So you let go and contract back down again, ready for another beat, another creation. And so there you are beating outwards and inwards, continually creating and letting go. You give you're all, and yet keep surrendering. You are not the creations, but the heart that keeps beating. Personally I find enormous joy and satisfaction in that, even if things don't work in the outer.

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