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Yeahh, on the 12th of June I experienced a bit more than just disruptive energies. Been getting terrible sleep these past few days as there was protests and upheaval in Hong Kong, where I live.

It is about passing a law that will allow the Chinese government (in Beijing) to extradite people in Hong Kong (even if you are just passing through the airport on your way to another country) based on political crimes.

The title of this news article

Hong Kong Is on the Frontlines of a Global Battle For Freedom

Yeah, this thing goes beyond Hong Kong. Soo here's the background info for those curious and unaware: The current politics of "Two systems, One Country" under which Hong Kong operates was meant to be implemented as a way for China to reclaim Taiwan in a smooth and peaceful way, as opposed to just installing a different political model overnight. Soo Taiwan is watching how things unfold in Hong Kong... But you know, this political puppet show of USA vs China also has random effects on this, since if China is to become the dominant country in this world; well everyone will pay attention to this.

Ultimately, as I see it, the current dominant power is currently being handed over to China from the West since the people in the West have been rich for a while and thus are no longer happy with only being given a few monetary breadcrumbs (compared to the rich elites). Where as since the Chinese people were poor for the last 100 years, and they are now receiving a little bit more breadcrumbs than before so they accept things as they are.


Things have just become a bit more calmer since the big boss of Hong Kong has said she will be suspending this bill for now, and it is funny how this statement comes after some rich people in Hong Kong started to move some of their money to Singapore ^.^

This bill has now literally pissed of everyone! The protesters wouldn't be out if they were happy, then the police might have been having fun but now they have to listen to the local Buddhists sing their mantras a 1 million times because walked into hospitals and detained unconscious protesters (who were made unconscious by the police firing rubber bullets upon them). I just said the rich have started to move their money. Hmm now the USA might remove Hong Kong from list of special trading partners, giving another card Trump can play against Xi next week... And even Hong Kong people who didn't care about bill were harassed by the police on the grounds that might cause public nuisance...