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Yea, it seems more difficult for them now. Some years ago I was reading some spiritual articles about about how society needs to become without leaders, just small groups cooperating somehow without really knowing how they are cooperating together in to achieving the same thing... If such a movement was to occur, then it would be harder to stop as there is not head to target.


And here's a quote from one of the Hong Kong protesters:

“There is no long-term agenda, no leader. We all feel the same and want the same things, but we don’t have to follow any one person,” said one black-clad participant in his early 20s, who gave his name only as Jojo.…


Yea, who can they target? They had to suspend the bill, for now, so this is like a tactical retreat for them. Everyone assumes they will be back, but it has been shown that they had to do a tactical retreat! The Taiwan people are paying a lot of attention here....


The LeaderLess movements coordinated not on this dimension are beginning I think.